Portfolio Construction

Our goals-based process is quite different from traditional investment planning, where advisors only look to out perform a market index. We connect your wealth to your goals, and our process brings structure and discipline to your wealth planning. For many organizations and individual clients, we have more than one goals-based strategy in place, based on their requirements.

Our portfolios are structured with both core traditional and alternative/complementary asset classes. Core holdings typically share some of the following characteristics: dominance in key product lines, attractive long-term growth potential, significant competitive advantages and effective management strategies.

Other investments may be more opportunistic in nature and can include undervalued investments as well as those that are growth or risk management driven.

Your portfolio may include the following:


  • Core Equity, Including Large Capitalization
  • Small and Mid-Capitalization
  • Small and Large Capitalization Developed International
  • Emerging Markets International

Fixed Income

  • Core Fixed Income, Including U.S. Government Securities, and Investment-Grade Corporate and Municipal Bonds
  • Inflation-Protected Securities
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • High-Yield Corporate Bonds


  • Real Estate
  • Volatility Hedge
  • Global Infrastructure
  • Emerging Markets Bonds
  • Diversified Commodities
  • Market Neutral
  • Global Macro
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