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Are you interested in learning more about what’s happening in our economy each week or even each quarter?  Do you want to have a deeper understanding of the financial industry including learning about fraud prevention, financial highlights, and investment insights? Look no further, Washington Trust Bank has a team of experts that will keep you up to date when and how you want to receive information. These are also great resources to share. Just copy the page URL and share with family or friends. Anyone can sign up to receive these updates.

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WTB Blog

Looking for a deeper understanding of the financial industry on a broad range of topics? Sign up for the WTB Blog. Featuring financial, economic, fraud prevention and investment insight from our team of industry experts, our blog will dive deeper into the subjects that affect your economic world.

Economic Perspectives

Chief Investment Officer and Economist for Washington Trust Bank, Steve Scranton, will be providing his weekly perspective on important economic issues.

Economic Update

Do you want to find out more detail of economic events than what the “headline media” reports? The Economic Update provides commentary and analysis of major economic events that are reported during a month. Typically, there will be commentary on the nation’s economic growth (i.e. GDP report) and the nation’s employment situation (i.e. Employment report), as well as any other major economic events that might occur during the month. The Economic Update subscription is delivered at least monthly.

Week in Review

The Week in Review subscription is designed for readers who want a recap of what happened in both the equity (stocks) and fixed income (bonds) markets during the week. The Week in Review will provide a summary of what happened in both markets, corporate earnings news and historical price information for various financial metrics. The Week in Review subscription is delivered weekly.

Quarterly Investment Newsletter

The Quarterly Investment Update is designed for readers who want a recap of what happened in the economy and the financial markets for the past quarter. This includes commentary, graphs and financial data tables. The Quarterly Investment Update subscription is delivered quarterly.

Quarterly Web Conference

The Quarterly Investment Webinar is a live web-based meeting that features updates on the economy and financial markets from the past quarter. Slides will be presented via a web-based meeting along with live commentary from one of the experts on the Portfolio Management team. A subscription to the Quarterly Investment Webinar will result in an invitation to attend the conference call each quarter with login and dial-in details.