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“One advantage that people have is that we are located in the Pacific Northwest. We are headquartered and our operations are located in the communities we serve. The decision makers are in our headquarters and in our regional offices, and that’s a very critical piece that some organizations lack.” Rob Blume
Managing Director & Senior Vice President

From its inception in 1902, Washington Trust Bank has always been a commercial and retail bank, along with a wealth management group. We’ve had trust powers since the bank opened, and we still have records of our first trust opening in 1902.

As the largest, closely held commercial bank in the northwest, we are a fairly large wealth manager. We manage roughly $3.6 billion in other people’s money, and we recognize the responsibility that comes when somebody entrusts you to be responsible for their money.

Headquartered in Spokane WA, we have nearly 70 employees serving clients from our offices in Seattle, Bellevue, Portland, Coeur d’Alene and Boise. We’ve always felt it was an advantage to be located in the northwest. We are located in the communities we serve, and our clients benefit by having a centralized, northwest focus.

The decision makers are here in Spokane, and our clients really benefit by having that collective wisdom all in one spot. We have a diverse group of team members, and having them all in one place together allows them to discuss what they’re doing, what their thoughts are, and gain from the shared experience of each other.

Objectivity is an important approach at Washington Trust Bank. We don’t have any of our own mutual funds, we don’t have any proprietary investments, and we’re not a broker dealer, so we’re not incented to buy our own securities. This allows us to remain totally unbiased, so we can invest entirely for the client, and what’s best for their wealth.

We focus on understanding the needs and desires of each client, so we can help them reach their individual goals. We strive to be extremely transparent, giving our clients online access to their accounts, so they can see on a daily basis what’s happening to their investments and how their wealth is being managed. Each Wealth Management & Advisory Services client has their own personal representative to work with, so they’re never reliant on a call center to get service. They’re talking to an individual that understands their goals, and can answer any questions they have.

Whether it’s an investment management client or someone appointing us to serve as a personal representative in their will or trust, it’s important for our customers and clients to know that the culture that exists at Washington Trust Bank today will not change. They can be assured that our dedication to individual, one-on-one relationships with each client, and the service and culture that exists today, will still be here many years from now.

Rob Blume

Direct: 509.353.4156


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