Fraud Prevention

We are committed to the security of our customers’ data, and offer a wide range of safeguards to help protect your personal information.

Below are a number of tips to help you keep your financial and personal information safe.

Protect Your Personal Data

  • Confetti shred documents that contain personal data.
  • Remove yourself from junk mail lists.
  • Purchase a locking mailbox.
  • Always question when asked for your social security number. It is usually NOT necessary.
  • Use the EMV chip feature on your Washington Trust credit or debit card during transactions.
  • Verify that we have your most up-to-date Contact Information on file, so we can verify any suspicious charges.
  • If you haven't received your EMV chip card yet, you don't have to wait for your old card to expire. Come to a branch to get your new card.

Protect Your Credit Rating

  • Get your free credit report each year from all 3 major reporting agencies at
  • Review your credit report at least twice a year and immediately correct any mistakes in writing.
  • Always read credit card statements and question small charges. Large-scale identity thieves steal hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers and bill each card a very small amount (under $1) each month.

Protect Your Personal Computer

  • Make sure your home PC is password protected and contains active, up-to-date virus protection.
  • Disconnect your computer from the Internet when not in use.
  • Secure your home Wi-Fi system by installing the optional security tools and settings such as password protection.


  • Never put any mail containing a check or personal identifying information in a non-locking mailbox.
  • Never answer emails requesting your personal information such as Social Security Number or account numbers.
  • Never give personal information over the phone unless you initiated the call.
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