Physical Security

Maintain secure physical access to data.

Considerable attention is devoted to cyber criminal activity, and for good reason. But while protecting networks and systems, don’t overlook the importance of physical security in keeping your business information safe.

  • Local critical networks, servers, workstations and telecommunications equipment in physically secure locations accessible only to authorized personnel.
  • Provide access to financial and sensitive information (account numbers, Social Security numbers, checks, customer deposits, etc.) on an as-needed basis.
  • Instruct employees on maintaining security of company-issued laptops, smartphones and other devices.

Report Fraud

Call Priority Service at 800.788.4578.

To Block a Debit or Credit Card

Call Priority Service at 800.788.4578 and follow the prompts to Card Services to block your card.

You can suspend your debit card or report it lost or stolen within WTB Online.

Fraud Prevention

Simple steps to help protect yourself from fraud. Read More