Refinancing can be a time and money-saving path for many existing homeowners. Our tools and resources can help you determine if refinancing is right for you.

Reasons you may want to consider refinancing:

  • Get a better interest rate

    If interest rates are lower now than when you financed your home, you could refinance your current mortgage to decrease your monthly payments and pay less in interest over time.

  • Have consistent payments

    If you currently have an adjustable-rate mortgage and want the stability of paying the same interest rate throughout the life of the loan, switching to a fixed-rate mortgage could be a good option.

  • Adjust the length of your mortgage

    If you want to pay off your home faster, you can switch from a long-term mortgage to a shorter-term option. This could save you money over the lifetime of the loan but increase your monthly payments.

    If you have a short-term mortgage but find that the monthly payments are higher than you would like, switching to a longer-term mortgage will lower your monthly payment but will also increase the amount you pay over time.