Bank-to-Bank Transfers

Can I transfer to/from my own accounts at other banks?

Yes. You can transfer to/from accounts at other institutions by enrolling an account in bank-to-bank Transfers. To do so, you'll need to enter account information for your external account and complete the verification process. We'll send two small deposits to the account for you to confirm.

*Applies only to WTB Online and WTB Mobile. Account enrollment and verification must be completed in WTB Online.

Pay Other People (P2P)

Can I pay a person in WTB Online?

Yes! WTB Online now lets you send money directly to another person safely and securely.

Do I need to know the person's account information to send them money?

No. With Pay a Person in the WTB Online Bill Pay system, and P2P in WTB Mobile, you can send the individual a secure email or text message where they can securely log in and enter their account information. WTB Online stores the account information without ever sharing it with you or another party.


Do transfers take place immediately?

Transfers between your WTB accounts submitted before 8:45pm PT will be available immediately. Transfers submitted after this cutoff will post the following day.

Note: Recurring transfers will process the last business day ahead of the scheduled date, during nightly processing. If the recurring transfer is not set up before that time, the first transfer may be skipped. (For example: If a transfer is scheduled on Wednesday to pull the 5th of each month, and the 5th is a Sunday, the funds will transfer during processing on Friday the 3rd. If the transfer is not scheduled until Saturday the 4th, the first transfer will not take place until the following month.)

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