Benefits of eStatements:

  • Depending on your checking account type, it could save you from paying fees associated with paper statements.
  • eStatements are more secure than paper statements.
  • You can access your statements from your computer, anywhere at any time.
  • You can see your current statement and your past statements all in one location.
  • It saves resources, making it a more eco-friendly option.
  • There will be less clutter in your mailbox.
  • If you want a paper version, you can print out your eStatement while still benefitting from the other features of eStatements.

If you would like to switch to eStatements, click the “Stmt/Notices” tab in WTB Online to sign up. It should only take a few minutes.

Statement Q & A

What is an eStatement?

An estatement is an electronic version of your Washington Trust monthly statement.

How do I access my eStatements?

You can access eStatements by selecting the eStatements tab in the main navigation of WTB Online.

I check my account using my mobile app or using online banking. Why do I need to get a statement?

Using mobile banking is a great way to access the recent activity on your account but, only your monthly statement provides you with additional details that you need to verify all of the activity on your account.

It is very important that you examine your statement so that you can report any discrepancy or irregularity within 30 days of the statement date to reduce your liability. Reporting issues promptly helps protect your account and allows the bank to investigate transaction discrepancies in a timely manner.

Can I have some statements sent paper and others sent through eStatement?

Yes. You have the option to receive an eStatement for just one account or all of your accounts.

Delivery Expectations and Options

When will I receive my statement?

Mailed statements should be received within a day or two of normal delivery. eStatements are available earlier than paper statements. If you have provided WTB with your email address, we will send you an alert when your eStatement is ready.

How can I get my statement and notices earlier than I get paper statements?

Signing up for eStatements and notices allows you to see account activity sooner than you can with paper statements. Please contact your branch or call 800.788.4578 to find out more about online access and eStatements.

If I call about my statement can you tell me when it was mailed, or when it should arrive?

Yes. Our process allows the bank to track your statement while in transit to your address. Simply contact your branch or call 800.788.4578 to request this new service.

How will I be notified of the availability of my statement?

If you have WTB Online Banking, an email will be sent to you when your eStatement is available. Paper statements are mailed to your address.

If I have more than one statement, can they be mailed together?

Yes. Statements and account notices with the exact name and address will be combined and mailed in one envelope.

Account Information and Access

Are there ways I can find out my statement activity while I wait for my statement to arrive?

There are several ways to see your statement and your current account activity. WTB Mobile and WTB Online Banking are great options. Signing up for eStatements allows you to see your statement activity sooner than you can with paper statements. Please contact your branch or call 800.788.4578 to find out more about online access and eStatements.

What if I lose or misplace a statement? Can I get a new one?

Yes. Priority Service and branch staff can provide you with a replacement statement at any time. Please contact your branch or call 800.788.4578 to request a copy of your account statement or notice.


Will the envelope have the bank name on it?

Yes. The bank’s name and return address will appear in the envelope’s upper left-hand window for both notices and statements.