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list of Washington Trust Bank Bankers
NameAreas of ExpertiseContact
Aaron SparksAgriculture, Small Business, Commercial509.734.4746
Adam King509.599.5073
Alex TerrienHospitality, Construction509.455.4910
Alisa Johnston503-778-7082
Amy TalleyHealth Care, Manufacturing, Contractors, Commercial Real Estate, Auto Dealers, Non-Profits509.353.3821
Andy BeitiaCommercial Lending, Industrial Lending, Agricultural Lending208.884.2713
Ashley Mears541.233.8337
Audrey Belden541.316.9986
Ben CoxAgriculture, Real Estate Lending, Commercial Lending509.734.0450
Ben Harris509.363.4561
Brad FlodinCommercial Lending, Industrial financing, Commercial Real Estate, Forestry Industry Lending208.883.6730
Brad StevensReal Estate Lending, Residential Builders & Developers 509.358.3724
Brannon StoneCommercial Banking425.709.5510
Brent WiseAsset Based Lending, Manufacturing, Distribution, Contractors, Government Contracting, Commercial Real Estate509.353.0372
Brooke TurnerPrivately held companies and professional firms with annual revenue between $5 million and $100 million., Working Capital Credit Lines, Seasonal Bulge Facilities, Equipment Term Debt, Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate, and Letters of Credit., Companies requiring sophisticated treasury management solutions.503.778.7094
Bryce WilkinsonCommercial Lending, Commercial Real Estate509.358.3596
Casey Holcomb-Hawkes509.338.4305
Chelsea Haverkamp509.353.3852
Chera AndersonAgricultural Loans, Equipment Financing, Commercial Real Estate509.766.3640
Chris Lombard503.778.7068
Chris NelsonCommercial Lending, Agricultural Lending, Commercial Construction509.766.5362
Chris RobertsCommercial Banking, Private Banking509.358.3793
Cody Hines509.358.3563
Connor Nelson425.709.5503
Conrad BallC&I Lending, SBA Loans, Treasury Management Services, Commercial Lines of Credit, Equipment Financing, Commercial Real Estate Financing, Construction Financing, Business Acquisition/Partner Buyouts208.884.2740
Cory J. Allen541.604.5877
Craig ChenowethC&I Lending, Commercial Real Estate Financing, Land Entitlement and Development, Urban Planning503.416.0726
Craig ManaliliReal Estate Investing, Manufacturing, Wholesaling206.515.4780
Dan RudolphCommercial & Industrial Lending, Commercial Real Estate, Agricultural Support Businesses, Firearms/Ammunition Industry, Auto Dealerships, SBA Loans208.750.7940
David BlasMid-to-large business relationships over $3 million in revenue, Professionals and professional groups208.884.2724
David HallCommercial Real Estate208.884.2742
Debbie Rice360.965.4274
Dominic DeCaroSmall Business Banking, Commercial Real Estate Financing, Business Lines of Credit, Term Loans, SBA Loans509.353.3846
Don AndersonCommercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Business Acquisition, High Net Worth Individuals208.765.5898
Doug KemperTrade Finance, International payment methods, Foreign exchange206.515.4771
Eleanor Rasmussen206.515.4791
Eric PaullOwner-occupied commercial real estate, C&I loans, Timber industry 208.263.6104
Eric RandallCommercial, industrial, builder and agricultural lending208.442.5287
Greg HoaglandLoans and Lines of Credit, Equipment Loans, Commercial Real Estate, SBA Loans509.244.7089
Heejin Jung360.600.7717
Heidi MyersSmall to Medium-Sized Businesses509.884.9868
Jeff LaCossClient Service425.709.5516
Jeff MillerCommercial Lending, Commercial Banking, Property Management Firms, Real Estate Investors206.576.6200
Jenny BoeCommercial Lending206.515.4764
John BorlandMid-Market Commercial Banking206.667.8968
John OstolazaCommercial Banking, Treasury Management, Commercial Services206.576.6202
John PearsonCommercial Banking, Manufacturing, Real Estate206.515.4761
Jose Gonzalez509.884.9863
Josh Anfinson360.789.5632
Karrie Jerauld208.762.5249
Ken PaauwBuilder Services425.709.5504
Kevin BlairCommercial Lending206.515.4763
Kim Lloyd509.358.8250
Kit Gerwels206.576.6219
Kyle YorkCommercial, agriculture, consumer and real estate lending509.951.6653
Lincoln Denny509.884.9869
Linda WilliamsCommercial Banking, Private Banking, Wealth Management & Advisory Services 503.778.7073
Lisa UhlenkottAgricultural Lending Including Real Estate, Term Loans, Operating Lines of Credit, Farm Service Agency Guaranteed Loans208.883.6724
Mark Botterbusch208.667.9661
Mark ButeraCommercial Banking208.664.2605
Mark StephensonSmall Business Banking, Commercial Banking, Equipment Finance, Commercial Real Estate, Cash Flow Lending208.343.3591
Michael Olofsson206.515.4787
Mike Williams
Nate SilerAgriculture—Production Lines & Long Term Real Estate Loans, Small Business, Commercial509.734.1970
Paul MacMillan541.527.2490
Penny HenczMedium to Large-Sized Corporations, Commercial Lines of Credit, Term Loans for Real Estate and Equipment, Commercial Letters of Credit, Cash Management Services509.353.2283
Phil Von BuchwaldtCommercial Lending509.353.3616
Roderic MacRaeCommercial Lending206.667.8983
Rorie LeoneCommercial lending, including revolving lines of credit, term loans, seasonal lending needs and owner occupied real estate loans., Depository clients with sophisticated cash management needs.503.778.7069
Scott RobertsonCommercial Banking, Commercial Lending208.884.2719
Shelly Rivard Detrick509.766.5379
Stephen CliveAgricultural Lending, Commercial Banking509.884.9875
Steve RobertsAgriculture Commercial Small Business Banking509.338.4303
Steve YoshiharaLarge Corporations509.358.8192
Steven Horrax503.778.7072
Steven UttCommercial Banking509.353.3822
Stu LinscottCommercial Lending, Commercial Real Estate, Private Banking425.709.5505
Thomas McLaughlinInvestor commercial real estate construction and development financing509.353.4863
Tom SilverCommercial/Business Banking with an emphasis on middle-market account relationships covering all ranges of manufacturing and services425.709.5509
Tony AlegriaCash Management and Commercial Services, Commercial Banking509.353.4015
Tracy HeartburgCash Management and Commercial Services, Commercial Banking509.353.4224
Vance GledhillCommercial Banking with an emphasis on middle-market account relationships425.709.5511