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Portfolio Rebalancing

Tiana Bargel, Senior Portfolio Analyst
Matthew Clarke, VP & Client Portfolio Manager
John Heath, Intern
Susie Stanley-Jones, VP & Senior Portfolio Manager

The rationale for rebalancing is not complex. Rebalancing prevents a portfolio from becoming overweight and therefore acquiring more risk than desired.


Do Commodities Add Value to Portfolio Performance?

Nicholas Reynolds, Assistant Vice President & Portfolio Manager

The annual performance of commodities since 2011 has been negative (with the exception of 2016), and has led some investors to question if commodities will continue to decline in the future. Furthermore, portfolio managers have discussed and debated if the inclusion of commodities as part of a diversified portfolio will continue to be a drag on portfolio performance going forward. At Washington Trust Bank, we invest in commodities futures as part of our growth assets within a diversified portfolio in an attempt to increase risk-adjusted return over the long term.


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